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Josua, Hanna Nouri

Ibrahim, der Gottesfreund

In this volume, Hanna Nouri Josua deals with the Islamic view of Abraham. Taking a hermeneutical approach which uses recent methods of Koran exegesis, combines them ...


Löhdefink, Jan

Zeiten des Teufels

Jan Löhdefink looks into how perception of the devil changed during the early days of the Reformation and how this affected time consciousness. He describes the reformatory ...


Gegen falsche Götter und falsche Bildung

Written after the middle of the 2nd century CE by an educated Christian, Tatian’s “Address to the Greeks” is a powerfully eloquent and all-encompassing attack ...


Luz, Ulrich

Exegetische Aufsätze

In this volume, Ulrich Luz presents 32 exegetical studies, nearly all of which were written between 1985 and 2015. The author deals among other things with the Sayings-Source Q, the ...


Conferences & Exhibitions


51st International Congress on Medieval Studies

May 12 – 15, 2016 in Kalamazoo, MI


Abschluss-Symposium des CRC EDRIS

June 2, 2016 in Göttingen


2016 ATLA Annual Conference

June 15 – 18, 2016 in Long Beach