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Drews, Friedemann

Teilhabe-Ontologie und interreligiöser Dialog im Platonismus und Christentum

In Antiquity and the Middle Ages, the Platonic ontology of ...


Bergren, Theodore A.

A Latin-Greek Index of the Vulgate New Testament and the Apostolic Fathers

This index alphabetically lists all the Latin words that ...


The Eucharist – Its Origins and Contexts

How did the Eucharistic tradition develop within the Early Church? In these volumes, which are the result of two conferences in Kiel and on Lesbos, origin and ...


Self or No-Self?

Religious, philosophical, and theological views on the self vary widely. For some the self is seen as the center of human personhood, the ultimate bearer of personal identity and the core mystery of human existence. ...


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107. Deutscher Bibliothekartag

June 12 – 15, 2018 in Berlin


American Theological Library Association (ATLA)

June 13 – 16, 2018 in Indianapolis

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