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Der zweite Petrusbrief und das Neue Testament

The contributions in this volume cover a wide range of topics such as the canonical significance of the epistle, its intertextual and tradition-historical ...


Neef, Heinz-Dieter

Arbeitsbuch Hebräisch

In 26 lessons, this “Guide to the Hebrew Language” introduces the reader to the Hebrew language of the Old Testament. This textbook is intended mainly for first year ...


Germania Judaica

The first volume of that standard work which deals with the history of the Jewish settlers in Germany was published in 1963. The second volume follows by now and is containing in 1100 articles the years 1238 to the ...


Boyarin, Daniel

The Talmud – A Personal Take

In this book, Daniel Boyarin offers a wide-ranging introduction to the many fields of study to which the Talmud can contribute, from linguistics to gender ...


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107. Deutscher Bibliothekartag

June 12 – 15, 2018 in Berlin


American Theological Library Association (ATLA)

June 13 – 16, 2018 in Indianapolis


European Association of Jewish Studies (EAJS)

July 15 – 18, 2018 in Krakau

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