The Resurrection of Jesus in the Gospel of John

The Resurrection of Jesus in the Gospel of John. Ed. by Craig Koester and Reimund Bieringer
2008. VIII, 358 pages. WUNT I 222

ISBN 978-3-16-149588-5
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The Resurrection of Jesus in the Gospel of John

Ed. by Craig Koester and Reimund Bieringer

The resurrection of Jesus plays a central and yet disputed role in the narrative and theology of John's gospel. In this collection of essays, leading Johannine scholars take up key questions concerning the significance of Jesus' resurrection and its implications. Included are studies of the relationship of Jesus' resurrection to his ministry of signs, his crucifixion, and the faith of later generations. The embodied quality of the resurrection and its importance for understanding Johannine eschatology and life within the Christian community is given special attention. Literary studies explore the interplay between the Farewell Discourses and the resurrection narratives, the problematic role of John 21 within the gospel as a whole, and the way the theme of "recognition" informs the interpretation of the gospel's message. Careful attention is given to the theme of Jesus' ascension and the commission to forgive and retain sins. Together, these essays give a rich sense of the many facets of Jesus' resurrection and its importance for the study of John's gospel. They also make a substantial contribution to the ongoing discussion of this central theme in Christian theology.


Survey of contents:

Harold W. Attridge: From Discord Rises Meaning. Resurrection Motifs in the Fourth Gospel - Johannes Beutler: Resurrection and the Remission of Sins. John 20.23 against Its Traditional Background - Reimund Bieringer: "I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God" (John 20:17). Resurrection and Ascension in the Gospel of John - R. Alan Culpepper: Realized Eschatology in the Experience of the Johannine Community - Martin Hasitschka: The Significance of the Resurrection Appearance in John 21 - Craig R. Koester: Jesus' Resurrection, the Signs, and the Dynamics of Faith in the Gospel of John - Jesper Tang Nielsen: Resurrection, Recognition, Reassuring. The Function of Jesus' Resurrection in the Fourth Gospel - John Painter: "'Resurrection, Recognition, Reassuring. The function of Jesus' resurrection in the Fourth Gospel" - Sandra M. Schneiders: Touching the Risen Jesus. Mary Magdalene and Thomas the Twin in John 20 - Udo Schnelle: Cross and Resurrection in the Gospel of John - Hans-Ulrich Weidemann: Eschatology as Liturgy. Jesus' Resurrection and Johannine Eschatology - Ruben Zimmermann: The Narrative Hermeneutics in John 11. Learning with Lazarus how to understand Death, Life, and Resurrection - Jean Zumstein: Jesus' Resurrection in the Farewell Discourses