Character Studies in the Fourth Gospel

Character Studies in the Fourth Gospel. Narrative Approaches to Seventy Figures in John. Ed. by Steven A. Hunt, D. Francois Tolmie and Ruben Zimmermann
2013. XVII, 724 pages. WUNT I 314

ISBN 978-3-16-152784-5
cloth € 194.00

Character Studies in the Fourth Gospel

Narrative Approaches to Seventy Figures in John
Ed. by Steven A. Hunt, D. Francois Tolmie and Ruben Zimmermann

This volume represents the most thorough study of characters and characterization in the Fourth Gospel heretofore published. Building on several different narrative approaches, the contributors assembled here offer sixty-two essays related to characters and group characters in John. Among these are detailed studies presenting fresh perspectives on characters who play a major role in the Gospel (e.g., Peter, Mary Magdalene, etc.), as well as original studies of characters who have never been the focus of narrative analysis before, characters often glossed over in commentaries as insignificant (e.g., the boy with the loaves and fish, the parents of the man born blind, etc.). Clearly, characters in John stand in the shadow of the protagonist—Jesus. In this volume, however, they step fully into the light. Thus illuminated, it becomes clear how complex and nuanced many of them are.


Survey of contents:

Steven A. Hunt, D. Francois Tolmie, and Ruben Zimmermann: An Introduction to Character and Characterization in John and Related New Testament Literature.
Catrin H. Williams: John [1:6] - Christopher W. Skinner: The World [1:9] - Ruben Zimmermann: "The Jews" [1:19] - Sherri Brown: The Priests and Levites [1:19] - Uta Poplutz: The Pharisees [1:24] - Derek Tovey: An Anonymous Disciple [1:35] - Martinus C. de Boer: Andrew [1:40] - Michael Labahn: Peter [1:40] - Paul N. Anderson: Philip [1:43] - Steven A. Hunt: Nathanael [1:45] - Mary L. Coloe: The Mother of Jesus [2:1] - Susan E. Hylen: The Disciples/The Twelve [2:2/6:67] - Mary L. Coloe: The Servants/Steward at Cana [2:5/2:8] - Edward W. Klink III: The Bridegroom at Cana [2:9] - Joel Nolette/Steven A. Hunt: The Brothers of Jesus [2:12] - Mark A. Matson: The Animal Sellers/The Money Changers [2:14] - R. Alan Culpepper: Nicodemus [3:1] - Gary T. Manning, Jr.: The Disciples of John [3:25] - Mark Appold: "A Jew" [3:25] - Harold W. Attridge: The Samaritan Woman [4:7] - Steven A. Hunt: The Men of the Samaritan Woman [4:18] - Peter Phillips: The Samaritans of Sychar [4:28] - Andy M. Reimer: The Galileans [4:45] - Peter J. Judge: The Royal Official [4:46] - Gilbert Van Belle/Steven A. Hunt: The Royal Official's Son [4:46] - Peter J. Judge: The Servants of the Royal Official [4:51] - D. Francois Tolmie: The Ill/The Sick [5:3/6:2] - J. Ramsey Michaels: The Invalid at the Pool [5:5] - Cornelis Bennema: The Crowd [5:13] - Dieter T. Roth: The Boy with Loaves and Fish [6:9] - Cornelis Bennema: Judas (the Betrayer) [6:71] - Susanne Luther: The Authorities [7:26] - Cornelis Bennema: The Chief Priests [7:32] - Gary T. Manning, Jr.: The Temple Police [7:32] - Sherri Brown: The Greeks [7:35] - Chris Keith: The Scribes/The Elders [8:3/8:9] - Peter Phillips: The Adulterous Woman [8:3] - David L. Mathewson: The Devil [8:44] - Andy M. Reimer: The Man Born Blind [9:1] - Matthew D. Montonini: The Neighbors of the Man Born Blind [9:8] - Michael Labahn: The Parents of the Man Born Blind [9:18] - Ruben Zimmermann: The Believers Across the Jordan [10:41] - Marianne Meye Thompson: Lazarus [11:1] - Susan Miller: Mary of Bethany [11:1] - Gail R. O'Day: Martha of Bethany [11:1] - Thomas Popp: Thomas [11:16] - Adele Reinhartz: Caiaphas/Annas [11:49/18:13] - James L. Resseguie: The Beloved Disciple [13:23] - Catrin H. Williams: Judas [14:22] - Steven A. Hunt: The Roman Soldiers at Jesus' Arrest [18:3] - Christopher W. Skinner: Malchus [18:10] - Helen K. Bond: People in the Courtyard [18:16] - D. Francois Tolmie: Pilate [18:29] - David L. Mathewson: Barabbas [18:40] - Michael Labahn: The Soldiers Who Crucify [19:2] - Chelsea N. Revell/Steven A. Hunt: The Co-Crucified [19:18] - D. Francois Tolmie: The Women by the Cross [19:25] - Jaime Clark-Soles: Mary Magdalene [19:25] - Jean Zumstein: The Mother of Jesus/Beloved Disciple [19:26] - William John Lyons: Joseph of Arimathea [19:38] - Jan van der Watt: Angels at the Tomb [20:12] - Christos Karakolis: Sons of Zebedee/Anonymous Disciples [21:2]