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Old Testament

GÖSTA GABRIEL enuma elis - Weg zu einer globalen Weltordnung

Pragmatik, Struktur und Semantik des babylonischen 'Lieds auf Marduk'

[enuma eliš - Path to a Global World Order. Pragmatics, Structure and Semantics of the Song to Marduk]

The Song to Marduk ( enuma eliš ) is probably the most important mythical text of the ancient Babylonian culture. It tells of the rise of the young god Marduk who becomes the absolute ruler of all gods and of the world. This study by Gösta Gabriel is the first overall interpretation of the work which focuses on this single text and analyses its external effective dimension (pragmatics), its internal constitution (structure) and meaning (semantics).   (learn more...)

New Testament

'In Christ' in Paul

Explorations in Paul's Theology of Union and Participation

Edited by Michael J. Thate, Kevin J. Vanhoozer, and Constantine R. Campbell

What does E. P. Sanders' statement that the center of thought within Paul's theology is participatory in nature mean for us today? The essays in this volume try to answer this question by exploring the rich dimensions of Paul's theology of participation and union in exegetical, historical, and theological perspectives.   (learn more...)

Church History


Herausgegeben von Werner Zager

[Correspondence 1926-1976]

In the correspondence between Rudolf Bultmann and his student Günther Bornkamm, the two men discuss central issues of New Testament studies which have not lost any of their significance. The correspondence shows how dialectical theology and liberal theology can be mutually beneficial.   (learn more..)

Church history

MARTIN KESSLER Das Karlstadt-Bild in der Forschung

[The Image of Karlstadt in Research]

Andreas Bodenstein von Karlstadt (1486-1541) was the first colleague of Martin Luther in Wittenberg to stand up for him academically and publicly in his writings. Martin Keßler portrays the significant studies written on Karlstadt since the 17th century and examines the major developments in historical and theological research in the 19th and 20th centuries.   (learn more...)