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Old Testament

MARK A. AWABDY Immigrants and Innovative Law

Deuteronomy’s Theological and Social Vision for the גר  

Mark A. Awabdy argues that Deuteronomy exhibits a novel and complex vision for the גר ( gēr , engl. immigrant). The author substantiates this by investigating Deuteronomy’s gēr theology and placement, motive clauses, intertextuality with or independence from other gēr laws, and mechanisms for integrating the gēr into the community of YHWH’s people.   (learn more...)

Studies and Texts in Antiquity and Christianity (STAC)

Der Mensch zwischen Weltflucht und Weltverantwortung

Lebensmodelle der paganen und der jüdisch-christlichen Antike

Herausgegeben von Heinz-Günther Nesselrath und Meike Rühl

[Human Beings between Withdrawal from and Responsibility for the World. Ways of Life in Pagan and Judeo-Christian Antiquity]

The contributions to this volume illustrate the cultural, historical, religious and philosophical patterns and procedures which influenced or inspired people in the ancient world to choose a certain way of life. The contributing authors work in the fields of classical antiquity, Byzantine studies and theology.   (learn more...)

New Testament

HANNA STETTLER Heiligung bei Paulus

Ein Beitrag aus biblisch-theologischer Sicht

[Sanctification in Paul. A Contribution from a Biblical-Theological Point of View]

Can the sanctification of Jewish and Gentile Christians be considered as the goal of Paul's mission? Hanna Stettler analyzes Paul's statements regarding sanctification against their tradition-historical background in Old Testament-Jewish literature and the Jesus tradition.   (learn more...)

Church history

ALBRECHT BEUTEL Johann Joachim Spalding

Meistertheologe im Zeitalter der Aufklärung

[Johann Joachim Spalding. Master Theologian in the Age of Enlightenment]

Johann Joachim Spalding (1717-1804) was a master of German Enlightenment theology. Albrecht Beutel explains how Enlightenment theology attained exemplary vividness in Spalding’s life and works.   (learn more...)