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Systematic Theology

CHRISTIAN SENKEL Patriotismus und Protestantismus

Konfessionelle Semantik im nationalen Diskurs zwischen 1749 und 1813

[Patriotism and Protestantism. Religious Semantics in a National Discourse between 1749 and 1813]

In Germany the national and political demands for unity and freedom are derived to a large extent from Christian traditions. Whereas the customary conception of history is based on a secularization of the religious or a sacralisation of the nation, in his study Christian Senkel reveals a wild mixture of self-assurances which hope for a Protestant taming of nationalism or strive for a nationalization of Christianity.   (learn more...)

Systematic Theology

Leibbezogene Seele?

Interdisziplinäre Erkundungen eines kaum noch fassbaren Begriffs

Herausgegeben von Jörg Dierken u. Malte Dominik Krüger

[Body-Oriented Soul? Interdisciplinary Explorations of an Elusive Concept]

The concept that the soul was the highest form of being in the animate world had a prominent position in the fields of natural science, religion, aesthetics, as well as in meta-physical considerations of humanity right into the 18th century. The contributions in this collection pursue the development of this concept and its meanings up to modernity.   (learn more..)

Church History

THOMAS KIRCHNER Katholiken, Lutheraner und Reformierte in Aachen 1555-1618

Konfessionskulturen im Zusammenspiel

[Catholics, Lutherans and Members of the Reformed Church in Aachen 1555-1618. The Interaction of Denominational Cultures]

Thomas Kirchner studies Aachen as a municipality with adherents of three Christian denominations which created the prerequisites for a peaceful coexistence temporarily between 1555 and 1618.   (learn more...)

Old Testament

ERHARD BLUM Grundfragen der historischen Exegese

Methodologische, philologische und hermeneutische Beiträge zum Alten Testament

Herausgegeben von Wolfgang Oswald und Kristin Weingart

[Fundamental Questions of Historical Exegesis. Methodological, Philological and Hermeneutical Contributions to the Old Testament]

This volume contains eleven essays by the Tübingen Old Testament scholar Erhard Blum from between 1975 and 2014. It supplements his previous collection "Text Layout and Composition" (FAT 69) with studies dedicated to overall aspects of Old Testament exegesis.   (learn more...)