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Student Edition

Augustin Handbuch

Herausgegeben von Volker H. Drecoll

[Guide to Augustine]

The purpose of this handbook is to convey a general picture of Augustine and to describe the various historical, theological and philosophical approaches to him.   ( learn more | Order from UTB )

New Testament

CHARLES E. CARLSTON, CRAIG A. EVANS From Synagogue to Ecclesia

Matthew's Community at the Crossroads

Charles E. Carlston and Craig A. Evans show how the Evangelist took over a variety of traditions from Judaism and early Christianity and worked them into a theological portrait that would be accessible to both Jews and Gentiles as they became followers of Jesus.   (learn more...)


Cosmic Order and Divine Power

Pseudo-Aristotle, On the Cosmos

Introduction, Text, Translation and Interpretative Essays by Johan C. Thom, Renate Burri, Clive Chandler, Hans Daiber, Jill Kraye, Andrew Smith, Hidemi Takahashi, Anna Tzvetkova-Glaser.

Edited by Johan C. Thom

The treatise De mundo offers a cosmology in the Peripatetic tradition which subordinates what happens in the cosmos to the might of an omnipotent god. Thus the work is paradigmatic for the philosophical and religious concepts of the early imperial age, which offer points of contact with nascent Christianity.   (learn more...)

New Testament

KNUT BACKHAUS Religion als Reise

Intertextuelle Lektüren in Antike und Christentum

[Religion as a Journey. Intertextual Readings in Antiquity and Christianity]

Journeying and religion have much in common: They consider the fields of visibility all too restricted and transgress boundaries. Going beyond the conventional idea of a unilateral Christianisation of the Roman Empire, Knut Backhaus discloses a rich variety of communicative processes whose bearers are not so easy to separate, but share a vivid wanderlust.   (learn more...)