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Practical Theology

DAVID KÄBISCH Religionsunterricht und Konfessionslosigkeit

Eine fachdidaktische Grundlegung

[Religious Education Instruction and Non-Denominationalism. A Didactic Foundation]

Can a person have a religious education and not participate in religious practices? What is it that distinguishes an educated person from an uneducated person, and a religious person from a non-religious person? David Käbisch applies these questions to religious education at schools which currently is attended not only by children and adolescents of different denominations and religions but also by those with no religious affiliation.   (learn more...)

Old Testament

Ägyptische Rituale der griechisch-römischen Zeit

Herausgegeben von Joachim F. Quack

[Egyptian Rituals in the Greco-Roman Period. Edited by Joachim Friedrich Quack]

The articles in this volume deal with various aspects of preserved Egyptian rituals and are enhanced by a study of simultaneous phenomena in Mesopotamia.   (learn more...)

Church History

CHRISTOPH BURGER Tradition und Neubeginn

Martin Luther in seinen frühen Jahren

[Tradition and a New Beginning. Martin Luther in His Early Years]

In fourteen studies, Christoph Burger creates an image of Luther as a member of his order, as a theologian who considers men in relation to God as completely dependent on God’s grace, and as an exegete of Mary’s Magnificat. He describes Luther’s assertions about the proper fear of God and an adequate love of God and gives an example of claiming Luther’s authority for one’s own purposes.   (learn more...)

New Testament

BENJAMIN A. EDSALL Paul's Witness to Formative Early Christian Instruction

Benjamin A. Edsall re-opens the old quest for the preaching and teaching of the early Church through a new approach that draws on ancient communication practices. Given that ancient communicators relied explicitly on what they presumed their interlocutors to know, the author reconstructs early Christian instruction through Pauline appeals to previous knowledge, both explicit and implicit.   (learn more...)