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New Testament

NICHOLAS ELLIS The Hermeneutics of Divine Testing

Cosmic Trials and Biblical Interpretation in the Epistle of James and Other Jewish Literature

Does God test His people? Nicholas Ellis examines the interplay between theological conviction and biblical hermeneutic, starting from the Epistle of James, and opening into a wide-ranging study of ancient convictions and hermeneutics in Jewish and Christian literature.   (learn more...)

Systematic Theology

SABINE SCHMIDTKE Schleiermachers Lehre von Wiedergeburt und Heiligung

'Lebendige Empfänglichkeit' als soteriologische Schlüsselfigur der 'Glaubenslehre'

[Schleiermacher's Doctrine of Regeneration and Sanctification. 'Lively Susceptibility' as Soteriological Key to the 'Christian Faith.']

Sabine Schmidtke's work focuses on the examination of Schleiermacher's soteriology based on the central idea of 'lively susceptibility.' For the first time, this concept is analyzed not only concerning its relevance for the doctrines of regeneration and sanctification but also with regard to its importance for an overall comprehension of Schleiermacher's opus The Christian Faith.   (learn more...)

Old Testament

Covenant and Election in Exilic and Post-Exilic Judaism

Studies of the Sofja Kovalevskaja Research Group on Early Jewish Monotheism. Vol. V

Edited by Nathan MacDonald

[Bund und Erwählung im exilischen und nach-exilischen Judentum. Studien der Sofja- Kovalevskaja Forschungsgruppe zu frühjüdischem Monotheismus Band V]

Covenant and election are two central theological ideas in the Hebrew Bible, and in subsequent Jewish and Christian theology. The studies in this volume examine these ideas across the Hebrew Bible and show how they were shaped and refined under the conditions of national disaster and rebuilding.   (learn more...)

Church History

Reformatorische Theologie und Autoritäten

Studien zur Genese des Schriftprinzips beim jungen Luther

Herausgegeben von Volker Leppin

[Reformation Theology and Authorities. Studies on the Genesis of the Sola Scriptura Principle in the Young Luther]

The contributions in this volume reconstruct the formation of the sola scriptura principle and emanate from a working group set up during 2012's Luther Congress in Helsinki. The authors track this development by examining Luther's dealings with the church fathers, the Holy Scripture and church law.   (learn more..)