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Systematic Theology

KATHRIN MESSNER Paul Ricoeurs biblische und philosophische Hermeneutik des Selbst

Eine Untersuchung aus theologischer Perspektive

[Paul Ricœur’s Biblical and Philosophical Hermeneutics of the Self. A Study from a Theological Perspective]

The French philosopher Paul Ricœur (1913-2005) always refused to be called a "theologian." Nevertheless he dealt with biblical subjects his whole life. During his entire work on philosophical and biblical hermeneutics, these two subjects were in constant conflict, a conflict never dealt with directly by Ricœur. In her study, Kathrin Messner attempts to face this challenge posthumously.   (learn more...)

Systematic Theology


Herausgegeben von Martin Laube


The authors of the articles in this volume explore the biblical and philosophical roots of the concept of freedom, trace their historical development and describe the current debates over freedom in theology and philosophy.   (learn more...)

New Testament

Jesus Christus

Herausgegeben von Jens Schröter

[Jesus Christ]

In this volume the person and activity of Jesus is presented from the perspective of different theological disciplines. The background of Jesus’ activity in Old Testament writings is considered as is the relationship of his earthly career and the emergence of Christian faith.   ( learn more | Order from UTB )

New Testament

Early Christian Prayer and Identity Formation

Edited by Reidar Hvalvik and Karl Olav Sandnes

[Frühchristliche Gebete und Identitätsbildung]

When does it make sense to speak of a Christian identity in antiquity? Prayer brings into the discussion several dimensions relevant for a religious identity; prayer practices mirrored theology, and were Christocentric in orientation and focus. The contributors of this volume analyze how prayer-texts had an impact on those exposed to them and were important in shaping and expressing identity.   (learn more...)