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Old Testament

WILLIAM D. BARKER Isaiah's Kingship Polemic

An Exegetical Study in Isaiah 24-27

How can Isaiah 24-27 be interpreted and dated? William D. Barker contributes to the resolution of these and many other historic questions by identifying and analyzing the specific ancient Near Eastern background to these chapters.   (learn more...)

New Testament

JULIEN M. OGEREAU Paul's Koinonia with the Philippians

A Socio-Historical Investigation of a Pauline Economic Partnership

Was Paul's relationship with the Philippians an economic partnership? Julien M. Ogereau explores the socio-economic dimension of Paul's koinonia with the Philippians from a Graeco-Roman perspective and argues that Paul maintained this partnership to provide financially for his mission.   (learn more...)

Old Testament

ANJA KLEIN Geschichte und Gebet

Die Rezeption der biblischen Geschichte in den Psalmen des Alten Testaments

Anja Klein presents a literary and theological analysis of the historical psalms Exod 15, Ps 78, 105, 106, 114, 135 and 136. Her study focuses on the redactional history of these texts and the demonstration of inner-biblical exegesis within their literary growth.   (learn more..)

New Testament

MEGHAN HENNING Educating Early Christians through the Rhetoric of Hell

"Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth" as Paideia in Matthew and the Early Church

Meghan Henning explores the rhetorical function of the early Christian concept of hell, drawing connections to Greek and Roman systems of education, and examining texts from the Hebrew Bible, Greek and Latin literature, the New Testament, early Christian apocalypses and patristic authors.   (learn more...)