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Max Weber Anniversary Package 2014

Max Weber Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft

Studienausgabe der Max Weber-Gesamtausgabe

[Economy and Society. Student Edition of the Max Weber-Gesamtausgabe. Anniversary Package 2014]

The package contains the following volumes:Communities (I/22,1), Religious Communities (I/22,2), Law (I/22,3), Domination (I/22,4), The City (I/22,5), Sociology. Unfinished. 1919-1920 (I/23)   (learn more...)


Auf der Suche nach der Ökonomie

Historische Annäherungen

Herausgegeben von Christof Dejung, Monika Dommann und Daniel Speich Chassé

[In Search of Economics. Historical Approaches]

What is economics? Where should we search for it? And how could we recognize it? From a historical perspective, the assumption of a timelessly discernible economic sphere is questionable, or at least a subject worthy of study. The authors take a historical perspective to explore the extent to which the understanding of economics will change if the access to economics does not come from the concepts of neoclassical economic theory but rather through the back door of history.   (learn more...)


ANTON FRIEDRICH KOCH Die Evolution des logischen Raumes

Aufsätze zu Hegels Nichtstandard-Metaphysik

[The Evolution of Logical Space. Essays on Hegel’s Nonstandard Metaphysics]

Anton Friedrich Koch analyzes Hegel’s basic teachings and draws the conclusion that philosophy has to turn hermeneutical and perspectival after all.   (learn more...)


JOHANN BRAUN Lehrbuch des Zivilprozeßrechts


[A Textbook of the Law of Civil Procedure. Judgment Proceedings]

This work contains a systematic description of judgment proceedings in civil procedure law and is meant to be a textbook and reader which provides those using it primarily with a knowledge of overlapping contexts in addition to specific knowledge. The author deals with civil procedure expressly as a "formal civil law" and in many individual cases he establishes ties to substantive law, such as for example in the theory of the purposes of the proceedings, of the matter in dispute, the so-called types of action, res judicata and the steps in the proceedings.   (learn more...)


Galen's De indolentia

Essays on a Newly Discovered Letter

Edited by Clare K. Rothschild and Trevor W. Thompson

The recently discovered letter, De indolentia is a moral-philosophical treatise in which Galen describes his response to the fire in the city of Rome (192 CE) that destroyed a significant portion of his library and medicines. In addition to essays on important aspects of the text, this volume includes an English translation, a collation of leading critical editions, and an expansive bibliography.   (learn more...)

Jewish Studies

Gershom Scholem in Deutschland

Zwischen Seelenverwandtschaft und Sprachlosigkeit

Herausgegeben von Gerold Necker, Elke Morlok und Matthias Morgenstern

Gershom Scholem is regarded as a modern classic not only in the research discipline on Jewish mysticism which he founded but also as a groundbreaking thinker in 20th century Judaism. This volume combines articles containing previously unpublished source material on his biography, on the people with whom he conversed and the research topics which linked him to Germany.   (learn more...)