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Jahrbuch des öffentlichen Rechts der Gegenwart. Neue Folge

Herausgegeben von Susanne Baer, Oliver Lepsius, Christoph Schönberger, Christian Waldhoff und Christian Walter

[Yearbook of Modern Public Law. New Series, Volume 63]

Volume 63 (2015) appears under a new editorship and with additional headings for focal themes, debates, profiles and recollections. This volume features contributions emphasizing the issues of constitutional identity and legal comparison in public law, while the treatises and progress made in European and non-European constitutional rights are further dealt with. The particular focus of this volume is constitutional development in Latin America.  ( learn more | Reading Sample )


HELMUT ZEDELMAIER Werkstätten des Wissens zwischen Renaissance und Aufklärung

[Workshops of Knowledge between Renaissance and Enlightenment]

Which techniques and methods did scholars use in order to find the information they sought? How did they manage and process their knowledge? Which forces and contexts effected changes of the practices and in the institutions generating knowledge? Helmut Zedelmaier shows that knowledge has always been a product underlying history's changing practices and tools.   (learn more...)



Israels König in Tradition, Redaktion und früher Rezeption

[Saul. Israel's King in Tradition, Redaction and Early Reception]

In this study, Hannes Bezzel examines King Saul and the diachronic genesis of this literary character. The starting point is the "early reception history" up to the end of the 1st century C.E., and more precisely, the Saul-images of Ben Sira's laus patrum, the Qumran document 4Q252, the Liber Antiquitatum Biblicarum, and of Josephus' Antiquitates Judaicae.   ( learn more | Reading Sample )


Apollinarius und seine Folgen

Herausgegeben von Silke-Petra Bergjan, Benjamin Gleede u. Martin Heimgartner

[Apollinaris and his Aftermath]

This volume brings together articles on the diverse aspects of Apollinaris' person and his disciples. The contributors seek out the identity of Apollinaris as it was from the outset, and not that of the heretic he became in the 70s.   ( learn more | Reading Sample )


Ordnungen für die Kirche - Wirkungen auf die Welt

Evangelische Kirchenordnungen des 16. Jahrhunderts

Herausgegeben von Sabine Arend und Gerald Dörner

[Ordinances for the Church - Impact on the World. Protestant Church Ordinances of the 16th Century]

Church ordinances do not only - as the definition may at first suggest - constitute regulations for the church but rather also have a world- and society-shaping dimension. The contributions to this collection, which are based on Sehling's edited church ordinances, move between these two fundamental poles.   (learn more...)


Teilnehmende Zeitgenossenschaft

Studien zum Protestantismus in den ethischen Debatten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1949-1989

Herausgegeben von Christian Albrecht und Reiner Anselm

[Participating Contemporaneity. Studies of Protestantism in the Debates on Ethics in the Federal Republic of Germany 1949-1989]

The studies in this volume document methodical problems, subject-specific research interests and new insights of an interdisciplinary group of researchers who in combining perspectives of theology, contemporary history and political science deal with the inner diversity of Protestantism, the range of its social presence and the complexity of its own dynamics of change.   ( learn more | Reading Sample )