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Gesellschafts- und Kapitalmarktrecht in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz 2013

Herausgegeben von Susanne Kalss, Holger Fleischer und Hans-Ueli Vogt

[German, Austrian and Swiss Company and Capital Markets Law 2013]

This work provides a comparative approach of similarities and differences between German, Austrian and Swiss jurisdictions. The authors make suggestions in regard to law reform and further case law development. They also deal with the law of groups of companies, corporate governance, legal issues of business valuation, transformation of business entities, prohibition of market manipulation and its enforcement.   (learn more...)


Auf der Suche nach der Ökonomie

Historische Annäherungen

Herausgegeben von Christof Dejung, Monika Dommann und Daniel Speich Chassé

[In Search of Economics. Historical Approaches]

What is economics? Where should we search for it? And how could we recognize it? From a historical perspective, the assumption of a timelessly discernible economic sphere is questionable, or at least a subject worthy of study. The authors take a historical perspective to explore the extent to which the understanding of economics will change if the access to economics does not come from the concepts of neoclassical economic theory but rather through the back door of history.   ( learn more | Reading sample )


HANS-ULRICH WEIDEMANN Taufe und Mahlgemeinschaft

Studien zur Vorgeschichte der altkirchlichen Taufeucharistie

[Baptism and Eucharist. Studies of the History of the Baptismal Eucharist in Early Christianity]

In almost all known liturgies of early Christianity, the baptismal eucharist is the goal and the culmination of the initiation. In this study, which approaches the subject from the perspective of exegesis and liturgical history, Hans-Ulrich Weidemann reconstructs the history of this reciprocal relationship between baptism and cultic meals against the backdrop of the multiform early Christian eucharistic practice.   (learn more...)


The History of Religions School Today

Essays on the New Testament and Related Ancient Mediterranean Texts

Edited by Thomas R. Blanton IV, Robert Matthew Calhoun and Clare K. Rothschild

This collection of essays glimpses one thriving expression of the distinguished history of religions school approach to the New Testament and early Christian literature. Applied to a range of topics and themes, the results of these new investigations convincingly demonstrate the method’s enduring value today.   (learn more...)


Hermeneutik der frühchristlichen Wundererzählungen

Geschichtliche, literarische und rezeptionsorientierte Perspektiven

Herausgegeben von Bernd Kollmann und Ruben Zimmermann

[Hermeneutics of Early Christian Miracle Stories. Historical, Literary and Aesthetics of Reception Aspects]

Miracle stories have always been a source of fascination, but in many respects they also cause considerable problems of interpretation. The essays of this volume examine the form of early Christian miracle stories, their ancient environment and their significance for the present.   ( learn more | Reading sample )


SIMEON CHAVEL Oracular Law and Priestly Historiography in the Torah

[Orakelgesetze und priesterliche Geschichtsschreibung in der Tora]

Simeon Chavel combines classical philology with narratology and theory of law and narrative to identify and analyze four instances of a unique story-type in the Torah, the "oracular novella." He illuminates its contours and poetics, historical background, use in the Torah, and theoretical significance.   (learn more...)