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Poetik und Intertextualität der Johannesapokalypse

Herausgegeben von Stefan Alkier, Thomas Hieke und Tobias Nicklas, in Zusammenarbeit mit Michael Sommer

[Poetics and Intertextuality in the Book of Revelation]

The present volume discusses questions of the text's language, its style and poetic concept. It presents studies on the relation of time and space in the Book of Revelation and on the significance of books for its storyline and discusses the question as to whether Revelation could be labeled "fantastic literature."   (learn more...)


Eingreifende Denkerinnen

Weibliche Intellektuelle im 20. und 21. Jahrhundert

Herausgegeben von Ingrid Gilcher-Holtey

[Intervening Female Thinkers. Female Intellectuals in the 20th and 21st Century]

By examining the interventionist strategies of female intellectuals, the studies contained in this volume reveal the manifold facets of the role repertoire and the weapons of criticism as deployed by 14 "intervening female thinkers" such as Käthe Kollwitz, Hannah Arendt, Simone de Beauvoir, Susan Sontag, Yoko Ono, Judith Butler und Naomi Klein.   (learn more...)


Person und Rechtsperson

Zur Ideengeschichte der Personalität

Herausgegeben von Rolf Gröschner, Stephan Kirste u. Oliver W. Lembcke

[The Individual and the Legal Entity. On the History of Ideas of the Personality]

The eleventh volume in the POLITIKA series resumes the first volume's critique on the construction of isolated individuals with individually-conceived "dignity" and treats the phenomena of the personality from the perspective of the inter-personality. In addition, the volume sets out which positions of the personality are represented historically and philosophically - from the discovery of the individual in the rhetoric of 200 BC up to the placement of the legal entity in the constitutional state of basic law.   (learn more...)



Herausgegeben von Julia Kraft und Julia Redenius-Hövermann

Bearbeitet von Christian Altgen, Nikolaus Bunting, Rüdiger Haspl, Julia Kraft, Dieter Leuering, Julia Redenius-Hövermann, Arnulf Reinthaler, Alexander von Rummel

[Corporate Transformation Law]

The purpose of this textbook is to enable the reader to become familiar with the German Transformation Act (UmwG) and the German Award Proceedings Act (SpruchG). The authors describe the main features of corporate transformation law and in addition reorganization tax law.   (learn more...)


URS SCHWEIZER Spieltheorie und Schuldrecht

[Game Theory and the Law of Obligation]

Obligation law (contract and tort law) affects incentives and the strategic interaction between the involved parties. Modern economics relies on far developed game theory to capture strategic interaction. Urs Schweizer uses the game-theoretic method to analyze incentives from selected provisions of obligation law.   (learn more...)

Mohr Siebeck Journals

Religion in the Roman Empire (RRE)

Religion in the Roman Empire (RRE) is bold in the sense that it intends to further and document new and integrative perspectives on religion in the Ancient World combining multidisciplinary methodologies. Starting from the notion of "lived religion" it will offer a space to take up recent, but still incipient, research to modify and cross the disciplinary boundaries of History of Religion, Archaeology, Anthropology, Classics, Ancient History, Jewish History, Rabbinics, New Testament, Early Christianity, Patristics, Coptic Studies, Gnostic and Manichean Studies, Late Antiquity and Oriental Languages.   ( learn more | Sample journal )