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JOHN J. COLLINS Scriptures and Sectarianism

Essays on the Dead Sea Scrolls

The sectarian movement described in the Dead Sea Scrolls arose from disputes about the interpretation of Scripture. John J. Collins illustrates how the apocalyptic worldview of the sect, involving dualism, hope for afterlife with the angels, etc. was developed to account for the rejection the Teacher and his movement encountered.   ( learn more | Reading Sample )


Auf der Suche nach der Ökonomie

Historische Annäherungen

Herausgegeben von Christof Dejung, Monika Dommann und Daniel Speich Chassé

[In Search of Economics. Historical Approaches]

What is economics? Where should we search for it? And how could we recognize it? From a historical perspective, the assumption of a timelessly discernible economic sphere is questionable, or at least a subject worthy of study. The authors take a historical perspective to explore the extent to which the understanding of economics will change if the access to economics does not come from the concepts of neoclassical economic theory but rather through the back door of history.   ( learn more | Reading Sample )


Grundrechte als Phänomene kollektiver Ordnung

Zur Wiedergewinnung des Gesellschaftlichen in der Grundrechtstheorie und Grundrechtsdogmatik

Herausgegeben von Thomas Vesting, Stefan Korioth und Ino Augsberg

[Basic Rights as a Phenomenon of Collective Order. Reclaiming Sociability in Basic Rights Theory and Doctrine]

The prevailing interpretation of basic rights equates all those legal positions protected as basic rights with individual rights. The main point of reference is the autonomous individual. "Collective" or "institutional" aspects of the constitutional protection of basic rights that transcend this dimension are seen as merely secondary phenomena, derived from the primarily relevant phenomenon of individual freedom. The contributions to this volume challenge this popular perspective. They pose the question of the extent to which traditional constitutional theory and doctrinal approaches systematically undervalue trans-subjective social elements embodied in basic rights.   (learn more...)


Religionsfreiheit und Gleichberechtigung der Geschlechter

Spannungen und ungelöste Konflikte

Herausgegeben von Juliane Kokott und Ute Mager

[Religious Freedom and Gender Equality. Tensions and Unsolved Conflicts]

Religious freedom and gender equality are basic human rights. Tensions between those rights may however arise, as illustrated for example by the much discussed ban on burkas in the public sphere. In this volume lawyers and religious scholars examine the conflicting values and propose solutions.   (learn more...)


Der Rechtsstaat zwischen Ökonomie und Ökologie

Festschrift für Götz Frank zum 70. Geburtstag

Herausgegeben von Ernst-Wilhelm Luthe, Ulrich Meyerholt und Rainer Wolf

This Festschrift for Götz Frank contains articles which deal with the issues surrounding the behavior of a nation governed by the rule of law in the regulation of economic processes and in the protection of the natural basis of life on a national and a European level. These are dealt with from a German and a French perspective.   (learn more...)


Autonomie und Normativität

Zu Hegels Rechtsphilosophie

Herausgegeben von Kurt Seelmann und Benno Zabel

[Autonomy and Normativity. On Hegel’s Philosophy of Law]

Autonomy and normativity are key concepts of today’s world. Nevertheless their significance for the legitimation of modern communities has remained controversial. In this book, it is the author’s intention to contrast the view of Hegel’s not only with traditional interpretations of Hegel but also to confront it with the positions in legal philosophy which are dominant today.   (learn more...)