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JOHN J. COLLINS Scriptures and Sectarianism

Essays on the Dead Sea Scrolls

The sectarian movement described in the Dead Sea Scrolls arose from disputes about the interpretation of Scripture. John J. Collins illustrates how the apocalyptic worldview of the sect, involving dualism, hope for afterlife with the angels, etc. was developed to account for the rejection the Teacher and his movement encountered.   (learn more...)


Auf der Suche nach der Ökonomie

Historische Annäherungen

Herausgegeben von Christof Dejung, Monika Dommann und Daniel Speich Chassé

[In Search of Economics. Historical Approaches]

What is economics? Where should we search for it? And how could we recognize it? From a historical perspective, the assumption of a timelessly discernible economic sphere is questionable, or at least a subject worthy of study. The authors take a historical perspective to explore the extent to which the understanding of economics will change if the access to economics does not come from the concepts of neoclassical economic theory but rather through the back door of history.   (learn more...)


Der Einfluss des deutschen Verfassungsrechtsdenkens in der Welt: Bedeutung, Grenzen, Zukunftsperspektiven

Ergebnisse der 34. Tagung der Gesellschaft für Rechtsvergleichung vom 12. bis 14. September 2013 in Marburg

Herausgegeben von Uwe Kischel

[The Influence of German Constitutionalism in the World: Importance, Limitations, and Future. Findings of the 34th Conference of the German Society of Comparative Law from September 12-14, 2013 in Marburg]

When dealing with the influence of German constitutionalism in the world, the focus is on the specifically German way of legal thinking. By way of example, this volume takes a look atthe interactions with five different legal systems - Japan, Brazil, Spain, Austria and the European Union -, representing different possible settings.  (learn more...)


Naturrecht in Antike und früher Neuzeit

Symposion aus Anlass des 75. Geburtstages von Klaus Luig

Herausgegeben von Matthias Armgardt und Tilman Repgen

[Natural Law in Antiquity and the Early Modern Period. Symposium on the 75th Birthday of Klaus Luig]

This edited volume combines the articles from a symposium held in Constance in honor of Klaus Luig’s 75th birthday. Klaus Luig contributed to research on the era of natural law or the law of reason in the early modern period as few other have done.   (learn more...)


Staat und Religion

Neue Anfragen an eine vermeintlich eingespielte Beziehung

Herausgegeben von Katharina Ebner, Tosan Kraneis, Martin Minkner, Yvonne Neuefeind und Daniel Wolff

[State and Religion. New Queries to a Supposedly Well-Attuned Relationship]

Do social transformation processes require a new understanding of norms concerning the relationship between the state and religion within the legal profession or even additional adaptation by lawmakers? This question was discussed by scholarship students of the Cusanuswerk, a scholarship awarding body of the Catholic Church in Germany, with leading scholars in a conference in the fall of 2013. The conference proceedings contain the revised lectures as well as the subsequent discussion reports.   (learn more...)


Finanzmarktregulierung zwischen Innovation und Kontinuität in Deutschland, Europa und Russland

Herausgegeben von Gregor Bachmann und Burkhard Breig

[Financial Market Regulation between Innovation and Continuity in Germany, Europe and Russia]

This volume documents the articles from a German-Russian conference on the subject of "Financial Market Regulation between Innovation and Continuity in Germany, Europe and Russia” held in April 2012 at the Freie Universität Berlin.   (learn more...)