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Perspektiven des Verbrauchsgüterkaufs

Richtlinienumsetzung und Gemeinsames Europäisches Kaufrecht in Deutschland und Tschechien

Herausgegeben von Martin Schmidt-Kessel, Stefan Leible und Lubos Tich

[Perspectives of the Purchase of Consumer Goods]

The papers collected in this volume were among those discussed during the symposium "Perspectives of the Purchase of Consumer Goods - The Transposition of the Directive and a Common European Sales Law in Germany and the Czech Republic", held at Prague's Charles University in May 2012. The volume is a contribution to the fields of international private law, consumer law and the comparison of Czech and German laws.   ( learn moreReading Sample )


Anselm Doering-Manteuffel, Bernd Greiner, Oliver Lepsius Der Brokdorf-Beschluss des Bundesverfassungsgerichts 1985

Eine Veröffentlichung aus dem Arbeitskreis für Rechtswissenschaft und Zeitgeschichte an der Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur Mainz

[The Brokdorf Enactment of the Federal Constitutional Court 1985. A Publication of the Research Group for Law and Contemporary History at the Academy of Sciences and Literature, Mainz]

Demonstrations over the building of the Brokdorf nuclear power plant preceded the Federal Constitutional Court's decision of May 14th, 1985 on the banning and legitimacy of demonstrations. This collection examines the circumstances surrounding the transition from historical, legal and cultural anthropological perspectives and explains the nature of the constitutional decree.   (learn more...)


VOLKER NEUMANN Carl Schmitt als Jurist

[Carl Schmitt the Jurist]

Despite there being an abundance of publications about Carl Schmitt, there is hardly a monograph which has done justice to his work in the field of jurisprudence. Volker Neumann fills this gap by placing the main emphasis of this volume on Schmitt´s contributions to constitutional and international law. Acknowledged secondly are Schmitt's writings on the fundamental subjects of the theory and philosophy of law, constitutional history and general theory of the state. Because Schmitt's works are mostly responses to questions of current political challenges, their historical and biographical backgrounds are also dealt with.  (learn more...)


Die Natur des Rechts bei Gustav Radbruch

Herausgegeben von Martin Borowski und Stanley L. Paulson

[The Nature of Rights According to Gustav Radbruch]

Gustav Radbruch was Germany's most influential 20th century legal philosopher. The center and focus of his work is his Neo-Kantian concept of law. The contributors to this volume analyze this and also address the issue of how Radbruch´s philosophy changed - or in some respects did not change - over the decades.   (learn more...)


HANS DIETER BETZ Studies in Paul's Letter to the Philippians

How can Paul's thinking and acting be understood through his Letter to the Philippians? Hans Dieter Betz offers seven chapters of new exegetical investigations focusing on controversial passages and issues of the letter. These chapters represent separate engagements over a period of several years and employ historical-critical methodologies, including rhetoric and literary criticism.   (learn more...)


Dingliche Rechtspositionen und Verkehrsschutz

Kontinuität und Reformen in vergleichender Perspektive

Herausgegeben von Martin Gebauer und Stefan Huber

[Property Law - Traditional Principles and Recent Reforms in a Comparative Perspective]

In the last years, property law has been subject to important reforms in several legal systems. In part, these reforms go in opposite directions. Other legal systems have refrained from fundamental changes for decades. The present volume analyses the different situations and their background in a comparative perspective.   (learn more...)