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MAX WEBER Max Weber-Gesamtausgabe

Band II/4: Briefe 1903-1905

Herausgegeben von Gangolf Hübinger und M. Rainer Lepsius in Zusammenarbeit mit Thomas Gerhards und Sybille Oßwald-Bargende

[Volume II/4: Letters 1903-1905]

The letters written between 1903 and 1905 show Max Weber after his illness in his new role as a private scholar in Heidelberg. The letters, which have been carefully edited and annotated, provide the background information for this in conjunction with the introduction to the volume.   (learn more...)


Eingreifende Denkerinnen

Weibliche Intellektuelle im 20. und 21. Jahrhundert

Herausgegeben von Ingrid Gilcher-Holtey

[Intervening Female Thinkers. Female Intellectuals in the 20th and 21st Century]

By examining the interventionist strategies of female intellectuals, the studies contained in this volume reveal the manifold facets of the role repertoire and the weapons of criticism as deployed by 14 "intervening female thinkers" such as Käthe Kollwitz, Hannah Arendt, Simone de Beauvoir, Susan Sontag, Yoko Ono, Judith Butler und Naomi Klein.   (learn more...)


HEIN KÖTZ Europäisches Vertragsrecht

[European Contract Law. 2nd revised and completed edition]

This volume deals with the contract law of the European legal systems. What are the essential rules on the formation and validity of contracts? What rules apply to a party´s right to bring a claim for performance, to terminate the contract or to claim damages for breach? While the discussion is based on the national rules, they are taken into account only as local variations on a European theme.   (learn more...)


Alternde Gesellschaften im Recht

Japanisch-deutsches Symposium in Tübingen vom 3. bis 4. September 2012
Herausgegeben von Martin Gebauer, Tamotsu Isomura, Hiroyuki Kansaku und Martin Nettesheim

[Aging Societies in the Law. Japanese-German Symposium in Tübingen on September 3 and 4, 2012]

Demographic change is one of the largest challenges for our society. It causes steep cuts in the economy, the educational system, pension plans and the insurance systems. How is the law reacting to this? The authors of this volume compare German and Japanese answers.   (learn more...)


MICHAEL HOG Die anthropologische Ästhetik Arnold Gehlens und Helmuth Plessners

Entlastung der Kunst und Kunst der Entlastung

[The Anthropological Aesthetics of Arnold Gehlen and Helmuth Plessner. The Release of Art and the Art of Releasing]

Michael Hog examines the complete works of both in search of the possibilities and limitations of anthropological aesthetics and an aesthetic anthropology, as well as the implications of these for modern art right up to the present time.   (learn more...)

Mohr Siebeck Journals

Religion in the Roman Empire (RRE)

Religion in the Roman Empire (RRE) is bold in the sense that it intends to further and document new and integrative perspectives on religion in the Ancient World combining multidisciplinary methodologies. Starting from the notion of "lived religion" it will offer a space to take up recent, but still incipient, research to modify and cross the disciplinary boundaries of History of Religion, Archaeology, Anthropology, Classics, Ancient History, Jewish History, Rabbinics, New Testament, Early Christianity, Patristics, Coptic Studies, Gnostic and Manichean Studies, Late Antiquity and Oriental Languages.   (learn more...)