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Mohr Siebeck is an independent, family-owned publisher. Ever since our foundation in 1801, we have been specializing in sustainable publishing for the humanities.


GmbHG - Gesetz betreffend die Gesellschaften mit beschränkter Haftung

Großkommentar Band II: §§ 29-52

Herausgegeben von Peter Ulmer, Mathias Habersack und (in der Nachfolge von Martin Winter) Marc Löbbe

[A Comprehensive Commentary on the Limited Liability Company Law. Volume II: Sections 29-52. 2nd edition]

This 2nd edition has been completely revised and includes the law reforms which have taken effect since publication of the first edition, in particular the Act to Modernize the Law Governing Private Limited Companies and to Combat Abuses and the Shareholders’ Rights Directive, but also those court rulings made since then and the literature published on these.   (learn more...)


KONI WEBER Umstrittene Repräsentation der Schweiz

Soziologie, Politik und Kunst bei der Landesausstellung 1964

[The Controversial Representation of Switzerland. Sociology, Politics and Art at the 1964 National Exhibition]

Koni Weber reconstructs the genesis, development and rejection of a sociological analysis. He breaks down the heterogeneity of sociological methods in the 60s and examines a piece of contemporary Swiss history between 1955 and 1964 from the perspective of the history of knowledge.   (learn more...)


Sister Reformations II - Schwesterreformationen II

Reformations and Ethics in Germany and in England - Reformation und Ethik in Deutschland und in England

Edited by Dorothea Wendebourg and Alec Ryrie

[Sister Reformations II - Schwesterreformationen II. Reformation and Ethics in Germany and in England - Reformation und Ethik in Deutschland und in England]

The articles in this volume deal with answers given by advocates of the Reformation in England and in Germany to the question of the theological place of ethics, and in addition with decisions and behavioral maxims here and there, such as for example ethics of law, the economy, war or diplomacy.   (learn more...)


HANS-JOACHIM NIEMANN Karl Popper and the Two New Secrets of Life

Including Karl Popper's Medawar Lecture 1986 and Three Related Texts

After the Book of Genesis and Darwin’s The Origin of Species, Karl Popper established a third theory of evolution based on evolutionary and molecular biology. Hans-Joachim Niemann discusses the history and significance of this contribution to the philosophy of biology.   (learn more...)