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Ian Young

in the series

Forschungen zum Alten Testament (FAT)

on the subject

Old Testament

Diversity in Pre-Exilic Hebrew

Young, Ian  Diversity in Pre-Exilic Hebrew
1993; unrev. paperb. ed. 2011. XV, 256 pages. FAT 5

ISBN 978-3-16-151676-4
paper € 39.00

Ian Young

Diversity in Pre-Exilic Hebrew

"In this splendid work the reader is introduced to a re-evaluation of the nature of 'Biblical Hebrew'. The author suggests a new model for understanding the north-western Semitic dialects in general and the Hebrew in particular. […] This is a highly recommended work for scholars and students interested in the history and development of Hebrew as part of the northwestern Semitic languages."
C A P van Tonder in Old Testament Essays 8:2 (1995), pp. 302-303

"This is an important book, not only for scholars concerned with the history of the Hebrew language but also for those investigating dating and background of Old Testament literature. It is thought-provoking and reflects an impressive erudition."
Geoffrey Khan in Vetus Testamentum XLVII (1997), no. 3, pp. 409-412

"Young's theory is provocative and far-reaching. It comprehends a large amount of evidence with an elegantly simple explanation."
Marsha White in Journal of Biblical Literature 11 (1997), pp. 730-732

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