The Old Testament Apocrypha in the Slavonic Tradition

The Old Testament Apocrypha in the Slavonic Tradition. Continuity and Diversity. Ed. by Lorenzo DiTommaso and Christfried Böttrich, with the assist. of Marina Swoboda
2011. XIV, 486 pages. TSAJ 140

ISBN 978-3-16-149516-8
cloth € 129.00

The Old Testament Apocrypha in the Slavonic Tradition

Continuity and Diversity
Ed. by Lorenzo DiTommaso and Christfried Böttrich, with the assist. of Marina Swoboda

Written by an international group of expert scholars, the essays in this volume are devoted to the topic of biblical apocrypha, particularly the "Old Testament Pseudepigrapha," within the compass of the Slavonic tradition. The authors examine ancient texts, such as 2 Enoch and the Apocalypse of Abraham , which have been preserved (sometimes uniquely) in Slavonic witnesses and versions, as well as apocryphal literature that was composed within the rich Slavonic tradition from the early Byzantine period onwards. The volume's focus is textual, historical, and literary. Many of its contributions present editions and commentaries of important texts, or discuss aspects pertaining to the manuscript evidence.


Survey of contents:

James H. Charlesworth: The Uniqueness and Importance of the Slavonic Pseudepigrapha - Lorenzo DiTommaso / Christfried Böttrich: The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha in the Slavonic Tradition - F.I. Andersen: The Sun in 2 Enoch: The Book of the Secrets of Enoch - Florentina Badalanova Geller: The Sea of Tiberias between Apocryphal Literature and Oral Tradition - Christfried Böttrich: Die "Geschichte Melchisedeks" (HistMelch) im slavischen Kulturkreis - I.M. Gritsevskaya: Some Problems of Textology of Indexes of Prohibited Books - Tomislav Jovanovic: Old Testament Apocrypha in the Serbian Manuscript Tradition - Alexander Kulik: Slavonic Apocrypha and Slavic Linguistics - Basil Lourié: Propitiatorium in the Apocalypse of Abraham - Anissava Miltenova: Slavonic Erotapokriseis: Sources, Transmission, Morphology of the Genre - Liudmila Navtanovich: The Slavonic Apocryphon of Zorobabel - Andrei Orlov: The Heirs of the Enochic Lore: "Men of Faith" in 2 Enoch 35:2 and Sefer Hekhalot 48d:10 - Michael Pesenson: The Sibylline Tradition in Medieval and Early Modern Slavic Culture - Nicolae Roddy: Slavonic Apocryphal Traditions in the Romanian Lands: Diffusion and Diffraction - Aurelio de Santos Otero: Die handschriftliche Überlieferung der Apokalypse Abrahams - Cornelia Soldat: The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs in the Russian Tradition and the Contexts of Their Reception - Marina Swoboda: The Old Testament "Apocrypha" in Early Russian Drama - Evgenij G. Vodolazkin: Zu einer Rohfassung der Polnaja Chronograficeskaja Paleja und zum Verhältnis zwischen den verschiedenen Paleja-Redaktionen


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