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Hans Kelsen Werke

Kelsen, Hans  Hans Kelsen Werke. Band 3: Veröffentlichte Schriften 1911-1917. Hrsg. v. Matthias Jestaedt in Koop. m. d. Hans Kelsen-Institut
2010. X, 871 pages.

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Hans Kelsen

Hans Kelsen Werke

Band 3: Veröffentlichte Schriften 1911-1917
Hrsg. v. Matthias Jestaedt in Koop. m. d. Hans Kelsen-Institut

[Hans Kelsen Complete Works. Volume 3: Publications 1911-1917]

Published in German.

Volume 3 of Hans Kelsen Werke (HKW) contains Kelsen's published works of 1911 to 1917. This is the period of Kelsen's work from his 'Habilitation' up to the last years of the Habsburg empire. The 25 texts contained in this volume demonstrate the enormous breadth of Kelsen's scholarship.
Apart from several book reviews and newspaper articles on issues of current interest, the volume contains articles connected to the main topics of the Main Problems in the Theory of Public Law (cf. HKW 2), further developing themes first laid down there. In these texts, Kelsen laid the groundwork for the shift from a static to a dynamic view of the legal order. Other texts concern his dispute with legal sociologists, Eugen Ehrlich foremost among them. Kelsen's involvement in workers' education is also reflected in the article 'Politische Weltanschauung und Erziehung'.

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