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by the author

Christoph J.M. Safferling

on the subject

General Law, History of Law, Theory of Law

Criminal Law, Procedural Law

Vorsatz und Schuld

Safferling, Christoph J.M.  Vorsatz und Schuld. Subjektive Täterelemente im deutschen und englischen Strafrecht
2008. XXI, 532 pages.

ISBN 978-3-16-149294-5
cloth € 114.00

Christoph J.M. Safferling

Vorsatz und Schuld

Subjektive Täterelemente im deutschen und englischen Strafrecht

[Intention and Culpability. Subjective Elements of Offenders in German and English Criminal Law.]

Published in German.

In the English legal system, subjective elements of the crime are traditionally summarized using the term mens rea . The German tradition of general principles of criminal law, however, differentiates between "intention" and "culpability". Whereas "intention" is understood as consisting of knowledge and will towards the actus reus , i.e. the external elements of a crime, "culpability" pertains to the knowledge of the unlawfulness of the act and the ability to behave accordingly. In comparing the English and the German criminal law systems, the author reveals a great deal of similarities in spite of the differences in terminology but also a surprisingly large divergence in the basic question of what behavior deserves to be punished.

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