Non-Discrimination in European Private Law

Non-Discrimination in European Private Law. Ed. by Reiner Schulze
2011. X, 268 pages.

ISBN 978-3-16-150999-5
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Non-Discrimination in European Private Law

Ed. by Reiner Schulze

The rapid expansion of non-discrimination provisions through EU legislation and court decisions gives rise to the need to determine the foundations, objectives and limitations of protection against discrimination in relation to freedom of contract. This new challenge in the field of European private law may only be overcome through a discussion of the different legal traditions in Europe. Such a discussion is presented in this volume by legal scholars from a number of European nations.


Survey of contents:

Table of contents:
Reiner Schulze: Foreword
Part I: General Issues
David Edward: Non-Discrimination as a Legal Concept - Ann-Sophie Vandenberghe: The Economics of Non-Discrimination - Stefan Leible: Prinzipien und Konzepte des Diskriminierungsschutzes im Europäischen Privatrecht
Part II: Specific Aspects of Non-Discrimination Law
Norbert Reich: Effective Private Law Remedies in Discrimination Cases - Herman Cousy: Discrimination in Insurance Law - Daniel Effer-Uhe: Gleichbehandlung in Versicherungsverträgen - zum Urteil des EuGH vom 01.03.2011 in der Rechtssache C-236/09 (Association Test-Achats) - Guillermo Ormazabal Sánchez: Beweislastregeln im Anti-Diskriminierungsrecht - Christopher McCrudden: A Comparative Taxonomy of 'Positive Action' and 'Affirmative Action' Policies - Anna Verena Lauber: From Market Integration to Human Integration: How Non-Discrimination Illustrates Fundamental Rights Aspects in Private Law
Part III: Perspectives from Member States
Ewoud Hondius: Diskriminierungsschutz und Europäisches Vertragsrecht - Einige Beobachtungen aus niederländischer Sicht - Mark Bell: British Developments in Non-Discrimination Law - Susana Navas Navarro: Sex Discrimination in European and Spanish Contract Law

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