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Archiv des Völkerrechts (AVR)

ISSN 0003-892X
(Print Edition)

ISSN 1868-7121
(Online Edition)

Volume 53 (2015)

Price per volume (4 issues with approx. 500 pages each)

Institutions  € 324.00
Individuals  € 174.00

The prices are not binding and include electronic access to the full texts for institutions and private persons.

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Archiv des Völkerrechts (AVR)

Edited by Sigrid Boysen, Markus Kotzur and Robert Uerpmann-Wittzack in association with Thomas Bruha, Philip Kunig, Werner Meng, Walter Rudolf and Daniel Thürer

Archiv des Völkerrechts (Archive of Public International Law - AVR) has been founded as a quarterly journal in 1948. With its scientific papers, reports and book reviews, the journal covers the full spectrum of developments in public international law. AVR is a forum for the German-language community of scholars engaged in public international law and aims at entering into a dialogue with its international peers. AVR's content reflects dogmatic and theoretical essentials of public international law as well as developments in international jurisprudence. Legal fields covered range from traditional core questions of public international law as law between states, the laws of armed conflict and the law of international organisations to human rights law, international environmental law, world trade law and international administrative law.

In the recent past, the comprehensive analysis of particular and universal legal orders as well as the creation of a material international legal order based on principles have been in the spotlight besides contributions on today's conflicts with a public international law angle.

AVR is published on a quarterly basis with contributions in German, English and French.

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Free access to the full text online is included in a subscription. The AVR articles are available in full text via Pay-per-View at IngentaConnect, a provider of digital journals on the Internet and may be purchased for a fee of US $ 33.00 plus British VAT. There is an overview of the currently available electronic issues of the AVR on the IngentaConnect website.

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The AVR at DigiZeitschriften
The contents of the previous volumes 1 (1948/49) to 40 (2002) are available from DigiZeitschriften, as easily readable, graphic files, searchable via the table of of contents.