Gilbert, Martin  Geistliche als Retter - auch eine Lehre aus dem Holocaust. Lucas-Preis 2003. Hrsg. v. Eilert Herms. Übers. v. Alexandra Riebe
2003. 104 pages. Lucas-Preis 2003

ISBN 978-3-16-148229-8
hard cover € 19.00

Martin Gilbert

Geistliche als Retter - auch eine Lehre aus dem Holocaust

Lucas-Preis 2003
Hrsg. v. Eilert Herms
Übers. v. Alexandra Riebe

[The Christian Clergy as Rescuers. A Holocaust Imperative.]

Published in German.

This year's Leopold Lucas Price was awarded to the London historian Sir Martin Gilbert in honor of the contribution he has made in chronicling the history of the Jewish people and in contributing to the rapprochement between Israel and its neighbors. In the talk he gave at the presentation of the award, he describes the efforts made by individual Christian clergymen in the struggle against anti-Semitism and, in looking at their biographies, he calls for a change in the portrayal of the Holocaust in history - a change from the dominant impression of the boundless triumph of evil and destruction to the recognition of the freedom and the will of human beings to do good. The text of his talk is given in German and English in this volume.

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