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DAVID L. BALCH Contested Ethnicities and Images

Studies in Acts and Arts

How did Luke-Acts participate in the ethnic, economic, and political debates of the first century CE ? David L. Balch argues that it is political biography and history, narrating Jesus as founder of a community that accepted foreigners and urged rich members to humble themselves to become one with the poor.   (learn more...)


ANSELM DOERING-MANTEUFFEL, BERND GREINER, OLIVER LEPSIUS Der Brokdorf-Beschluss des Bundesverfassungsgerichts 1985

Eine Veröffentlichung aus dem Arbeitskreis für Rechtswissenschaft und Zeitgeschichte an der Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur Mainz

[The Brokdorf Enactment of the Federal Constitutional Court 1985. A Publication of the Research Group for Law and Contemporary History at the Academy of Sciences and Literature, Mainz]

Demonstrations over the building of the Brokdorf nuclear power plant preceded the Federal Constitutional Court's decision of May 14th, 1985 on the banning and legitimacy of demonstrations. This collection examines the circumstances surrounding the transition from historical, legal and cultural anthropological perspectives and explains the nature of the constitutional decree.   (learn more...)


Aktuelle Herausforderungen des chinesischen und deutschen Strafrechts

Beiträge der zweiten Tagung des Chinesisch-Deutschen Strafrechtslehrerverbands in Peking vom 3.-4. September 2013

Herausgegeben von Eric Hilgendorf

[Current Challenges Facing Chinese and German Criminal Law. Contributions to the Second Conference of the Chinese-German Criminal Law Scholars´ Association in Peking, 2-3 September 2013]

China and Germany work together closely within the framework of criminal justice learning. This conference volume contains contributions by Chinese and German authors on general criminal justice learning, the principle of objective imputation and the liability of organizations for inferior or fake goods.   (learn more...)


Selbstreflexion der Rechtswissenschaft

Beiträge der Würzburger Tagung vom 20.-21. September 2013

Herausgegeben von Eric Hilgendorf u. Helmuth Schulze-Fielitz

[Jurisprudence´s Self-Reflection. Contributions to the Würzburg Conference of September 20-21 2013]

Is German jurisprudence in crisis? There are clear signs that it is. Above all, these are the decline of interest in traditional dogmatics, the strong influence of European standardization and an inclination towards the issuing of simple judgments. The contributors to this volume analyze the symptoms of the crisis from various perspectives and suggest solutions.   (learn more...)


GÜNTER FIGAL Unscheinbarkeit

Der Raum der Phänomenologie

[Inconspicuousness. The Space of Phenomenology]

Günter Figal's Unscheinbarkeit has, following on from his phenomenological hermeneutics (Gegenständlichkeit, 2006) and his phenomenological aesthetics (Erscheinungsdinge, 2010) phenomenology and its matters as its main topic. The book is in debt to Husserl's thinking that perceptive contemplation is the only correct source of cognition.   (learn more...)

Religious Studies

Early Christian and Jewish Narrative

The Role of Religion in Shaping Narrative Forms

Edited by Ilaria Ramelli and Judith Perkins

The authors of this volume elucidate the remarkable role played by religion in the shaping of narrative forms in antiquity and late antiquity in a variety of ways. This is particularly evident in ancient Jewish and Christian narrative, which is in the focus of most of the contributions, but also in some "pagan" novels such as that of Heliodorus.   (learn more...)