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JOHN J. COLLINS Scriptures and Sectarianism

Essays on the Dead Sea Scrolls

The sectarian movement described in the Dead Sea Scrolls arose from disputes about the interpretation of Scripture. John J. Collins illustrates how the apocalyptic worldview of the sect, involving dualism, hope for afterlife with the angels, etc. was developed to account for the rejection the Teacher and his movement encountered.   ( learn more | Reading Sample )


Auf der Suche nach der Ökonomie

Historische Annäherungen

Herausgegeben von Christof Dejung, Monika Dommann und Daniel Speich Chassé

[In Search of Economics. Historical Approaches]

What is economics? Where should we search for it? And how could we recognize it? From a historical perspective, the assumption of a timelessly discernible economic sphere is questionable, or at least a subject worthy of study. The authors take a historical perspective to explore the extent to which the understanding of economics will change if the access to economics does not come from the concepts of neoclassical economic theory but rather through the back door of history.   ( learn more | Reading Sample )


FRIEDRICH STEIN, MARTIN JONAS Kommentar zur Zivilprozessordnung

Band 10: §§ 1025-1066

Bearbeitet von Peter Schlosser

[Commentary on the Code of Civil Procedure. Volume 10: §§ 1025-1066]

This is a comprehensive update of the most important developments in domestic arbitration law (of several jurisdictions) as well as in international arbitration and also includes a critical commentary. The special focus is on Swiss, French and English case law.   ( learn more | Reading Sample )


HORST DREIER Idee und Gestalt des freiheitlichen Verfassungsstaates

[Idea and Form of the Modern Constitutional State]

What exactly are the distinguishing characteristics of a modern and democratic constitutional state, as embodied in, for example, German Basic Law? Horst Dreier compiles a profile of such a state by explaining its concepts and analyzing its main framework. He also discusses some controversial issues surrounding it.   ( learn more | Reading Sample )


WERNER HEUN Verfassung und Verfassungsgerichtsbarkeit im Vergleich

[The Constitution and Constitutional Courts – A Comparison]

This volume combines 16 essays by the author regarding the constitution and the constitutional courts. The articles provide a systematic problem-oriented account of constitutional jurisprudence. They focus on the historical foundations and often include a comparative perspective.   (learn more...)


Die Kollision von Urheberrecht und Nutzerverhalten

Herausgegeben von Michael Grünberger und Stefan Leible

[The Conflict of Copyright Law and User Behavior]

The articles in this volume deal with the mutual irritation of copyright law and communication behavior in social systems. Taking a basics-oriented and application-oriented perspective, they attempt to outline a copyright law which creates an awareness for the needs of its environment.   (learn more...)